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Dr. Winston M. Acevedo has practiced small animal medicine and surgery for thirty years and has a varied and extensive professional career. He has worked as a Veterinary pathologist for the California Diagnostics laboratories at San Gabriel, California, where he was instrumental in discovering a deadly disease that affected poultry. He was a research pathologist at Merck Laboratories at Rahway, New Jersey, where he rose to the rank of senior research fellow, working on heart disease and endocrine disorders. He also obtained a master’s degree in Avian Medicine at the University Of Georgia, hence his expertise in Avian medicine and Surgery. Dr. Acevedo is dedicated to the health and welfare of your pets and strives to say abreast of the newest advances in Veterinary Medicine. He continues to attend conferences and continuing education lectures and seminars to learn new methods of diagnosis and treatment. He is past president of The Peninsula Veterinary Medical Association in San Mateo county and also served as president of The Redwood City Kiwanis Club. Dr. Acevedo emphasizes preventive care for your pets to live a happier, healthier and longer life.

We are proud to have dedicated and experienced staff who attend continuing education courses and hand-on seminars to increase knowledge and proficiency. Alta-Wood’s head Veterinary assistant has many years of experience working in bay area clinics, and our friendly front office personnel are trained to be caring and helpful processing your pets as they come to our clinic. We understand your pets are family and treat them as such. Both you and your pets will enjoy your visit to Alta- Wood Animal Hospital.